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Who We Are

Offering Premier Consulting Services--

Without the Premier Price Tag

Armatas Advisory Group is a business consulting firm focused on providing organization, workforce and individual development solutions.  At AAG, we focus on helping you solve problems while moving towards organizational success in this new Digital World.  We are THOUGHT LEADERS who provide deep expertise to help our clients address complex business problems.  We are CONNECTORS who recognize that organizations are made up of people and success can only happen by inspiring, motivating and preparing your diverse workforce. And, finally, we are INNOVATORS who provide bold solutions to address any organizational need.

Our Expertise
Our Approach
Our Work

We provide the versatility of service and solution offerings to help guide you, your organization and employees succeed in today's dynamic and complex business environment.  Whether you are an individual aspiring for leadership, a small start-up tech company to large multi-national manufacturing organization, we have something to offer you. 


Providing organizational insights and data analytics to support your business decisions

Organization Development

Planned change strategies and solutions designed to improve overall organizational outcomes

Workforce Development

Application of talent strategies and solutions aimed at aligning workforce needs to business requirements



Solutions targeted at helping clients achieve individual, team and organizational change



Business and life coaching services to support professional and personal development 

What We Do

What Our Clients Say

Our global organizational changes were largely supported by a strong strategy and change management approach that Armatas Advisory was able to help provide and guide our teams through. With her support, we were able to be more effective and efficient in our implementation.

Senior Business Executive 

Fortune 500 Manufacturing


Featured Clients

What Is Important To Us

Client Centric

Committed to listening and understanding your unique needs

Partnership and Collaboration

Guides our work

Keep it Simple

Yet Understand the Complexity

Honesty and Integrity

We Never Compromise our Ethics

Focus on Results-Not Activities

You Hire Us For Impact-We Deliver!

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