• Strategy Guidance

    Having the right strategy in place to ensure that your organizational changes are successful is essential.  Strategic planning consulting can come in many forms based on the needs and context of the organization. AAG Consultants can help guide you in building a strategic direction, vision and mission that will mobilize your organization and support your change efforts. This may include strategic planning approach/development, mission/vision statements, value development and strategy execution.

  • Organizational Culture

    It has been suggested that ignoring your organizational culture is one of the greatest impediments to success in the Digital World. This new world requires that we not only think differently but behave differently. Organizational culture essentially supports “how things are done around here” and therefore, your culture must be carefully defined to support the outcomes that you hope to achieve.  We have culture assessments as well as culture development planning to help  you achieve the desired culture that you hope to seek.

  • Organization Design and Development

    Having an effective organizational design, that goes beyond structure to other key organizational enablers such as defined roles and reinforcing processes, can serve as a strategic differentiator for successful 21st century organizations. AAG can help you think through your organizational design principles and what actions you need to take to design your organization for success. This may include solutions such as organizational structure, job analysis, process development and role definition.

  • Employee Engagement

    Measuring employee engagement has now become the metric of choice for many employers who want to better understand what their employees are thinking and how they can best create engaging and productive work environments.  Measuring employee engagement, however, doesn’t change anything by itself.  Real change occurs when organizations focus on the drivers and inhibitors to employees feeling engaged and then develop meaningful and practical actions to address those issues. We can help you make sense of your employee engagement data and then develop strategies to drive higher levels of engagement throughout your organization.

  • Business Process Improvement

    With expertise in Six Sigma Methodologies, we can help your organization identify and develop core business processes for optimal efficiencies. Using DMAIC, Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control, our experts can work with any business process to help you achieve process capability. 

  • Team Development and Effectiveness

    Becoming effective as a team doesn’t just happen simply because you are now working as a group. Building team effectiveness is a bit of an art and a science. At Armatas Advisory we have worked with dozens of teams to help them navigate to higher levels of team performance by implementing solutions ranging from gaining alignment, establishing role clarity as well developing a common sense of purpose. Drawing from different models,  tools and methodologies, we can assist you to build and sustain an effective team to support ongoing business operations and organizational performance.

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