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Be The Best You!

Leadership, Business and Life Coaching to help you gain clarity, confidence and results in your life. 

How Coaching Works

Step One:

Call or email to set up a complimentary 45 minute meeting with one of our certified coaches.  We will help align an approach based on your goals.

Step Two: 

Set up your first coaching session and complete the self discovery reflections worksheet in advance.

Step Three:

Be prepared to be transformed.

How Coaching Helps

  1. Address conflict or behavioral problem

  2. Invest in your leadership development

  3. Improve team productivity

  4. Motivate multi-generational employees

  5. Lead and manage diverse teams

  6. Working in a virtual environment

  7. Developing collaboration skills

  8. Alignment of personal values with professional life

  9. Develop a personal and professional purpose

  10. Achieve better clarity around tough decisions 

  11. Improve time management and productivity

  12. Support to help you move forward and get to where you want to be

InInvest in what is important in life-YOU!

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Individual Coaching $200/hour

Individual coaching is a powerful tool to spur professional and personal effectiveness. It allows anyone who wants to grow and develop themselves to do so by stepping back, so as to put things into perspective. Individual coaching can include up to ten hours of one-on-one coaching sessions, email, and phone support over a three month period to address your specific needs and move you forward. Sessions are conducted via Zoom or Teams and there is no obligation for the number of sessions.  

Image by Danis Lou
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