• Individual Change

    Fundamental to any organizational change effort are the individual behaviors that need to change to ensure success.  Your change strategy needs to include a thoughtful approach for employees so they can understand what they will be required to give up and what they gain. We help organizations by facilitating solutions that will help you address the people side of change. Through this work, your organization will be building future change capability to support ongoing transformational efforts.

  • Team Change

    Think about your organizational change and how the impact may be more significant for a specific team. In these scenarios, addressing change at the team level may require different and/or additional change strategies that should be considered.  As part of our process, we evaluate the impact to the individual, organizational as well as the team level to better understand that specific need.

  • Organizational Change

    We help you design your change strategy that fully integrates what you need to do to ensure organizational alignment throughout your change.  This may include stakeholder analysis, readiness assessment, change impact assessment, leadership alignment, communications and measurement. Our fundamental philosophy is that no two changes are alike and so your change strategy and solutions are customized for your unique needs.

    Specific ways our team can help you:

    • Identify type and magnitude of change

    • Develop a comprehensive change management strategy

    • Identify organizational readiness for change

    • Complete an impact analysis that helps to identify the impact of the change on specific roles

    • Work with executives to ensure top level buy-in as well as the full value proposition

    • Develop solutions to achieve organizational alignment around the change to include stakeholder analysis and communication plans

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